OAS Project, Occlusive Air System
What is OAS, Occlusive Air System?
More than 3,000,000 patients take haemodialysis treatments globally. Usually they need to take it as often as three times a week. This rate has been growing each year: currently it has been estimated of 600 million people carry a chronicle renal disease.
Dispositivo OAS, Occlusive Air System
How it works?
“OAS” valve, thanks to its geometry, elastic membrane and forces interaction makes possible to prevent and stops air entering into the circuit forcing a constant surveillance. See next video demo:
A small device with great advantages
OAS (Occlusive Air System), is smaller than the current solutions its cost of production is smaller. This device is re-usable because potential drugs interaction does not exist, the entire amount of medication is infused. It´s equally disposable and has universal LUER® connection.

Only one “OAS” valve should be connected to the arterial port while the machine set-up there’s virtually no manipulation and zero contamination.  

Avoid system intermittent stops
Lower spent in material and human resources
Avoid bacterial contamination of the system 
Increase treatment quality negatively impacted 
Improves patient safety

The OAS (Occlusive Air System) is the name that the nurse Carlos Esteve Piñeiro has baptized the device that he patented in January 2014. "It is a small valve that prevents the massive entry of air that is produced from the serum system to the dialysis circuit.
Diario ENFERMEROA nurse invents a valve to prevent air from entering during dialysis and improves patient safety. Preventing air from the respiratory therapy system during dialysis treatments is the main objective of the OAS (Occlusive Air System), a small valve that has been invented by the nurse Carlos Esteve and which aims to be a revolution in dialysis, which will increase safety of The patient and minimize possible risks.
OAS in Diario DICEN
The nurse, Carlos Esteve, invents a valve that aims to revolutionize dialysis by increasing patient safety and reducing risks. Esteve, who currently works at Infanta Sofía University Hospital, acknowledges that developing this revolutionary device has not been a simple task "Initially it was just an idea sketched on a sheet and I needed the collaboration of several 3D engineers and designers to get the prototype"
Enterview to Carlos Esteve
Revolutionary NURSE interview with Carlos Esteve for the creation of his revolutionary new OAS device, (Occlusive Air System)
Revolutionary NURSE
OAS Project (Occlusive Air System). The only device in the world, in its tipology, wich prevents the air form entering during intravenous therapy in dialysis treatments.
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